Friday, September 17, 2010

3 Sure fire they generate more off the tee

Hard Power can be tangible for golfers. Be the real power is generated by technology, force or something more? Every golfer wants more power, more space, more consistency. Here are 3 ways, to produce the kind that makes only dreamed ... until now.

1. Spinal rotation. Every time, if you swing the Golf Club, turn to your spine. This means having to do with power? Power is generated every time when stabilise the sides to do a full backswing with rotation of the spinal cord. Most golfers have heard of the X factor. of course, this refers to the difference between the exercise of your hips and spine. Displays your backbone for increase of rotation and a new sense.

2. Core based exercises. Is your body "core", the area of hull and pelvis, where is your focus. If you have core good stability, back, hips and stomach muscles in your dishes work in harmony. You support your spine. The core is the area of power. Is where it starts the movement of all. A well-developed nucleus allows force output, increased neuromuscular and improved efficiency and reduced the incidence of overuse injuries. A weak core you can expose poor posture and injuries.

3. Plyometrics. Plyometrics are each muscle exercise that is sick, where eccentricly immediately, concentricly. In a nutshell, is the extension of the muscle (i.e. charged) before completion. A good example is the big medicine horizontal shifts and permanent golf swings. According to a recent study published in the national strength and conditioning Association (NSCA), amateur golfers journal significantly after only eight weeks of strength training increased their driving distances and includes both Plyometrics. My car 4.3% for the Group of joint training with the club-sized head increases of 1.5% speed increase.

If you include these 3 techniques in your workout routine, never will travel about, power generation or distance Back disgruntled.
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

2 basic steps to improving the golf swing

Golf game is truly a unique sport. The basics are the same for everyone, but due to differences in types of human body ever no two people have the same swing golf. Each person must adjust his body a proper golf swing in the way you do. Time to develop his own method of play golf will substantially improve the happiness and success of the game. The basics of the game to practice until in your muscles that are deeply rooted confidence will guide you in progress, and this confidence leads to success and enjoyment of the game.

One of the basic steps can put into practice and see an immediate improvement to your golf swing is to keep your head still and the ball just look. The position of the head must be only in line with your spine and should be increased a little nose starts to swing, fits left shoulder under the Chin. Many players stuck to try their heads in the chest and still keep your head and watching golf ball straight down. Unfortunately this is not a good golf can oscillate when running in this position.

Try the following, if it has one of the many, the difficulty of keeping your head straight and keep an eye on the ball. Next time take a correct posture with the feet and knees can deal with the ball, but keep straight on the head and back, waist bend forward something and are watching the ball. If you try to take a swing at this position, the left shoulder is very likely to be taken to the Chin. Lift the keep your eyes on the ball head slowly until your left shoulder did not take the Chin. Make sure that your head from side to side moves the hold ball through the eyes. Swing golf go slowly through the parts backswing and recession of you. The ball and do the following. Practice is this portion of your golf swing focusing on just the head and eyes on the ball to keep.

A little, then again beginning practice, this exercise in your backyard for over 25 times in a row, and then a break and relax. Take more small adjustments in the head and body position, eyes on the ball to keep and left shoulder of the bar the Chin. This exercise will be "train" your body and muscles "recall the correct location of the movement that you must be correctly". Think of athletes in any sport, exercise and you your body in the correct position and the position, the movements necessary to be successful in your particular sport train to position properly executed. Do the same thing from "Training" keeping your body straight and even place the head so successful-run a good golf swing.

Is another key step that significantly your swing golf can work to improve relaxation. I know it's easier said then done, especially if you're getting ready to put all your makes drive with an audience of your colleagues, or better still your friends that do not allow, you forget if you mess up. However, they help to relax muscles, getting the right balance is important, a great golf swing. Independently of golf clubs that you use is that the balance at practice is the primary basis for achieving the golf swing and good balance. A good way to improve circulation, the balance is the location of the address with your club to accept, relax your body and try to keep it there for about 30 seconds. You feel like you have more weight on a foot or others? A part of your body is more tense?

Keep your head straight and keep up the good balance are just two basic parts of a great golf swing. The exercises, the above is only two ways that you can now begin to improve golf swing is through training. You can work separately or together to combine in an exercise. To improve your golf swing starts and ends with you. The muscles of the body for some movements of adequately training takes time and practice. The effort is spent on improving your golf swing withdrawals to the place. Through movement and practice you will slip into the position of correct address and a swing golf without effort, powerful feeling just able as if the hand a in a warm soft glove were slipping.
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

5 tips for the selection of the best Golf Sunglasses

One thing that is often overlooked by golfers is right that find some Golf Sunglasses. To find that the best sunglasses golf is very important for you to ensure optimal and vision reach your game better.

* Polarization-the most important factor when choosing the best sunglasses golf course for you as much of the Sun should be harmful UV rays that block. Ideally, the best sunglasses golf by 100% of UV rays are blocked without limiting your vision. Most manufacturers will assess how much UV radiation is blocked with a chart nanometers. The higher the nanometer, evaluation, better.

* Weight-the second most important factor, selecting the best sunglasses golf course is the peso. A bulky few Golf Sunglasses can move too or fall even if a club swing completely distracting. These days, there are lots of materials technologically lightweight sunglasses golf. The best sunglasses Golf should was so easy, because you notice little on your face.

* Style-this factor can be at the top of the list for some find the best sunglasses golf course for you. Finally, it is very important to impress the beverage cart girls with your sense of style. Some guys can remove any aspect, but if you should try shopping for the best sunglasses Golf many different models to ensure that you do not select a style that doesn't work for you. After sunglasses golf better, want to find the frame are finding fits your type of face and lens are the best.

* Price — even if some golfers spend enough money for a village they feed on golf equipment, get the best sunglasses golf course for you did not break the Bank. Surprisingly, are some of the best Golf Sunglasses above we come some are the cheapest.

* Where to buy typically sunglasses golf country club archives of supply may be overpriced.
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

3 tips to improve your golf swing

You have a favorite golfer? Is Tiger Woods or Ernie Els? Have you ever thought that your swing you look like? Woods and Els are two players of great golf. If you play see note that definitely pretty and powerful oscillations. Honestly, it is difficult to imitate that just watching.

Have a good swing, needs constant practice. In addition, your body needs well tuned well for it, until. here are some basic tips that can improve your golf swing and shoot years during the 1990s or even 1980s can help.

1. warm up. Just like other games or sports players need a bit of warming up before a game. This is what most players, especially amateurs often take for granted.

It is best to arrive early to golf and just minutes to stretch the muscles and warm. This is your muscles that "knows" that are for something and have to be willing to do. Take some variations in range lets you also get tuned and improved driving performance.

2. the exercise. This is very important not only for golf. Exercise, your body and your muscles toned and constantly keep ready for any task. This joint body and pain, you will feel generally avoided even if you play golf.

Getting into the habit of exercise, your muscles will have a big impact on your swing especially high optimization. It will contribute, you have a good attitude and total balance and check on your rise swings.

3. Swing still too hard. It is really tempting your swing, giving further efforts. Is not recommended unless you have control of the animation. The key to a powerful and graceful swing is the balance and add the correct form and attitude add the control you have.

So how come you have to learn to control your swing? Again, it's the tip number 2. Adjust can move over time, a faster, more controlled to have momentum.

In addition to these simple steps to do it is even better aid professionals, personally or through online methods to ask. As you have already learned a lot from their experiences, you can give good advice. Also will help to keep updated with the latest golf.

Also tend to most players are so aware in your request, improve your swing that are lined up your mind to every aspect of the oscillation; only your swing, unwieldy for research. Instead, it is better to keep your mind from your swing. Try to focus on something else and only follow the proper swing.

Try doing these things, if you're playing golf. Regularly, And then follow the change that will make your next golf swing.
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Friday, August 13, 2010

A good golf bag is important

Few things are more important than a good bag a golfer. First golf bags in many styles and a variety of colors in the way. You can choose a bag for style, functionality, or choose a color to suit your mood.

Some have let out the legs go up wrinkles if they are placed on the floor and stand not to bend the golfer and him. This is a nice feature in golf bags, especially when golfers tends to course walk, as many do. There are plenty of bending be done if a golfer difficult out around an obstacle to remove his own ball, or to get the ball out of the Cup, so that any way to avoid bending more appreciated.

All golf bags are subjects which should be posted to the Golf Club. Every golfer has her own way of doing it and put the club where he or she wants. Some golfers, however, are lazy and just stick their club compartmentalize, grabbed you want if a certain Club is necessary. But some golf bags tubes to protect the handles of the Club. These are nice to have. With pipes a golfer can easier outside his or your club. The clubs have never get bogged down and handles last longer.

Another important factor when choosing a golf bag is the number of scholarships that has. Honestly, there is no such thing as too many bags in a golf bag. First one of the bags will be used for Hood of golf-bag to keep. The hood is used to prevent the Club and the Pocket getting hydrated, when it rains. We will use another bag to keep extra towels (believe it or not, extra towels are important to keep the sweat from his forehead and eyes, in summer with hands hold relatively dry). Then, this is the case for conservation used golf tee and can the divot tool extras. Finally a bag is necessary because even golf balls and another dozen balls not bad for a bag, have to bear in case.

Some courses are so difficult that it is easy to miss a lot of balls during 18-hole game. That is, have an extra box balls for a good thing, but it must take, i.e. another bag somewhere in the golf bag.

Imagine, play golf without a bag. The golfer would be constantly agriculture expiration to climb Club, tees, balls, towels and divot tool. Then he would or delete walk for the ball, all clubs and stuff, choose a club, the ball and start the process over and over again. It would be almost impossible to stop a big pain in the neck and with it, play a game of golf would make. Golf bags are an integral part of the game of golf.
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4 important factors affecting your golf swing

In the game of golf, no two people have the same swing golf. Everyone has their own individual body with its strength, flexibility and mobility. The way a person swinging a Golf Club might not work for someone else, even if you're close in body types. Each golfer must find that adapts to produce what you want the results of the game. If you happen to hit the ball, and what factors influence that moment of impact can use effectively to recreate your body powerful desire consistent golf swing players who know what's going on.

All golfers do one thing can help direct and positive improvements on your game is an understanding of the factors which the golf ball at impact of influence of the Golf Club. To know what are these factors and their impact on ball can understand what is happening at the moment of impact and interpret the flight of golf balls. If you understand what is happening and why, then you can make small adjustments to your swing and then see the impact on the next shot. The flight of the ball will tell you if they were correct in your personal assessment and have a good change towards a better swing golf. If you need a change made the shot done worse than before, you should do this cancellation is change your swing.

The time of impact (ideally the Golf Club sweet spot the ball) is a combination of four factors that ultimately determine which direction to what extent will the ball. The golf ball responds to these factors no matter how they appear. The first factor that affects your golf swing is the angle of the blade of the impact on the ball. The position of the blade at the moment of impact is the most important factor influencing the initial direction and rotation of the ball. The blade must point in the direction of the destination that under the chosen course. When the blade perpendicular to the golf ball and only at the time of impact, is the course with no travel spin straight down.

The second factor in the moment of impact is the angle of the clubhead on golf ball. There is the horizontal angle of the impact and vertical angle of the impact that has combined the initial direction of the ball and the amount of determine the trajectory of the golf balls. The horizontal angle of the impact determines the initial direction that will travel the ball. Vertical corner effects will determine how high will fly the ball. Too low or too high and losing away in your shot.

Third place has the ball on sweet the blade hit. The sweet spot is the area on the face of Golf Club, move the power of your golf swing for the golf ball. This efficient transmission will maximize your potential and take the ball away and only downward course (provided that the angle of the blade and the head of the Club at the time of impact are good).

Finally, the fourth factor that is important at the moment of impact is the head of a club. The speed of your golf swing will determine what makes this transfer to the golf ball and, ultimately, the extent to which you go when you hit in sweet spot. Speed or power Swing Golf is not dependent on their own muscles. Other factors, like the body flexibility and agility influence in creating a liquid smooth swing as a golfer takes muscles.

The swing golf is not just pick up a Golf Club and try to blow up the ball down the course. Is a combination of many factors that, when you can interpret it can influence and adjustments to make to your swing. Know what causes the ball travels and distance and accuracy on recordings as allows you to improve your golf swing. However, knowing the possible cause, effect and influence that the cause to produce the desired effect are two different things learned over time and practice.
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Advantages of a golf-fitness trainer stretch

Professional value today hardly named your game without a golf fitness trainer stretch you who dare to approach.

Golf has changed enormously in recent times. It is not considered no more recreation of old. Golf is now recognized as a sport sporting whose benefits depend much of your fitness level. To lengthen the wide introduction of the golf fitness trainer and training.

Stroke plays an important role in improving the flexibility of golfers and, consequently, the leadership qualities both swing and controlled much more power and distance training.

A golf stretching training programme from an instructor of qualified fitness golf stretching helps to increase specific strengths in the muscles of the golf course of golfer.

A coach helps a stretch golf fitness professional golfer who recognize correct warm-up exercises before each meeting on the course. This improves performance, but not only reduces the risk of injury.

Injuries like golf can be very frustrating for a golfer, especially if that golfers continue to ignore the potential benefits of rapid and lasting recovery are possible with the help of an instructor of fitness Golf stretch.

There's an interesting factor on the Gulf that does the job of a golf fitness instructor stretch so important. Possible level of fitness and muscle strength increase simply playing the game itself, as much as possible in other sports. Unfortunately this is not the case with golf. One reason is that the more common tasks and heavy in the game, golf swing, typically takes barely a second.

This means that the only way to improve the ability of the golf course and the strength of muscles through the exercise of the course and, in General, using the services of a golf fitness stretch trainer.
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Useful tips for rapidly improve your golf game

The golf swing is all about. Are the steps you develop winning a game of golf. If you suffer from lack of swing power and purpose, that's your golf game. Unfortunately, this is an unavoidable fact of playing golf. Learn to swing the Golf Club is not only extremely important in improving your game of golf, but also the most difficult.

The vast majority of new golfers out there pick up a Golf Club not only find and start swinging like a pro. The Golf Club is the most new golfers Feel a bit awkward prior and towards the right momentum going take some time. Hands should be entered as one working if you grab your Golf Club are. You can play better when your hands are working together to achieve an accurate and smooth swing. There are to access a number of ways in which a Golf Club, but you should always remember your hands to continue to work together as one and seek to develop a much improved golf game.

You have the handle to work with and apply your game golf quanta taken as type? Is a common mistake, should keep your golf clubs too narrow as this reduces performance, develop in your game of golf. A slight grip will give much more flexibility and precision without sacrificing performance. This isn't to say that should be the handle so loose, you'll fly club out of the hand determined after the car, but you must have some flexibility in the wrists during the swing. Wrists are a fantastic source of power in your swing, and this can make good use of every golfer.

Have a lighter grip is otherwise that also improve your golf game. For example, have more Club face rotation that give you a better chance of squaring of the Club. This is an essential aspect that bring a good golf game so keep in mind the next time you take a shot.

In the mid range taken as this, I recommend the best immediate results you will if you are looking for a way to improve your golf game quickly. This strategy gives more versatility and a high degree of flexibility is also. Learn how to change the handle is a simple and easy technique that allows you to play a better game of golf, without trying to find a quick solution in new clubs and other golf accessories more money.
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Your golf swing is too long?

Is your backswing along? Most inexperienced players I saw too long of a backswing. So why would so many people have swing so long? All bubbles out of human nature. Human nature says you swing longer next you will hit the ball. If this were true, why is it that I can hit a ball around 300 meters within a range of 3/4, but I can not 400 metres with a long seesaw hit?

If you see the pros on TV, you see different Back lengths spiral. On the one hand you have a player like Jeff Sluman, swing shorter and then have a player like John Daly has a swing longer. Although they look different, there are similarities between their back to spiral.

1. professionals hinges wrists at most. This means that the angle between the left arm and the Golf Club at the top of the swing 90 degrees or less.

The average player tends to be locked up in the wrists, because you try to hit the ball too hard. If you try the ball hit too hard your wrists locked up and your holiday of elbow left the Association caused too much back. You have your wrists, to stay loose in swing. Wrists more flexible will give you more power without taking the Club too far.

2. rotation of the shoulder in a pro determines that the amount of left arm goes back.

The spiral rear shorter and longer are compared to the amount of shoulder rotation in every created. John Daly can rotate shoulders back more than 90 degrees. Because of this shoulder superhuman rotation fantomius swing more than others. You should have a shoulder rotation of 90 degrees. Some people feel tight and you are not able to turn the shoulders back, so far. If you're feeling close, when you wake it's not a bad thing. This estate is a good thing, why is said to have created in your pair of swing. Think your body like a spring huge. If at the end of a spring giant closes. If you let go, would again different orientation. Most people avoid that feeling with narrow angles on the way back in rotation. What is it not realize that the hips rotate 45 degrees from losing this pair is required to create consistency in motion. To avoid this feeling close. Bring back as it will allow your body.

The next time you go to the area of your lower body stable to hold and turn back shoulders, as you can so much close to you. This seal tells you that you have created the couple needed in your backswing. Also verify that the wrists are fairly easy for the Club to atleast in your wrist hinge to allow 90 degrees. This will give you maximum performance without swing too far.

Until next time, Paul Wilson
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A swing more coherence and more accurate

If I have my Golf Club in my hand, I feel like the cover right from ball knocking me. Makes me feel great, if I have the ball with all my strength. In the path, the ball hit hard doesn't mean playing a game of golf good, though. If you only want to relieve some stress go ahead by all means, but this is better left to the driving range. If you want to play a good game of golf, you must run a bit on the power to hold. One of the biggest mistakes do golfers is too difficult for the Golf Club of swing. This shows that you have the power, but requires precision, to play a good game of golf.

Voltage up can use to cause too much effort. If you swing the golf clubs, simply relax and swing easily. This will help reduce your power. Put your help collection also narrower feet may reduce your swing. Use only the amount of power to control. Accuracy, the power is not the key to play a good game. Distance from a clean environment, not by how much power in your swing set right moves. Voltage, if you are swing the golf clubs your credit throws out one gives inaccurate shot. The head of the Club must travel in a straight line with the ball. Your goal should be a good swing consistency with minimal effort. When the ball is made properly, feel smooth and easy.

The focus is very important. You need a stable focal point that remains consistent. You can do it by you is still the head and for keeping your feet in the same location on all your swing. You should keep firmly planted so that is concentrated in feet, feet, if in contact with the ball. Your focus will make it more stable. Focus on the ball and not try the jerk body or move the levelling adapter during your club. This raises the focus, caused a bad swing and a hit inaccurate.

A tip for proper slicing aid is to see how centered you can hit the ball with your club and how deep to keep the ball. When the ball fly too high, can catch the wind and can go to left or right on irregular terrain.

Once you master gradually a smooth, consistent and accurate swing speed.
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

With fans like this, who needs enemies?

Man, it's tough being a high-profile golf architect these days. The recession has forced the "signature" designers to cut their fees, lay off staffers, and now, worst of all, take abuse from their former clients.

One of those clients is Bobby Ginn, a master of the marketing "pre-sell," a technique he used exquisitely to develop about a dozen uber-luxurious golf communities in Florida and elsewhere. Last fall, in a story about his rise and fall, Ginn told Links magazine he doesn't believe he'll be shelling out any seven-figure design contracts anytime soon.

"Some of these design fees have gotten out of hand," Ginn said, conveniently forgetting that he helped to create them. "I'm a big fan of Nicklaus and Palmer, but their courses aren't that unique anymore. They're like Walmart -- there's one on almost every corner."

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another Missed Opportunity?

In recent years, the U.S. golf industry has been sending many of its finest assets abroad, in particular its designers and builders. Now it's become apparent that the industry is also sending its flawed business model -- the one that served as a foundation for all those failed, failing, or soon-to-fail golf properties we see from sea to shining sea.

And people are finally starting to talk about it. The latest comments have come from Michael Hurdzan, a Columbus, Ohio-based designer, who addressed the issue in a Sports Illustrated article called "The Gilded Age of Golf Course Design Is Dead."

"The danger I see," Hurdzan told John Garrity, "is that the developers and golf architects will go out and make the same mistakes in Asia that they made here in North America. They'll build mostly big resorts and private clubs. They won't make it a people's game."

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Monday, February 1, 2010

CHINA Will a new city take shape in Inner Mongolia?

A Las Vegas-based company aims to build a massive “new world resort city” in northern China.

The city is called China Vegas, and it’ll spread over 24,700 acres of wilderness in Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region along the Russian border. If the concept takes hold -– and it’s a deliriously ambitious undertaking that's probably doomed to failure -– the place could eventually be home to 1 million people.

China Vegas will be made essentially from nothing, so it needs pretty much everything. The developers, China Holdings, Inc., have outlined plans to build houses, office and industrial space, shopping areas, hotels, a transportation network, parks, casinos, a variety of recreational and entertainment areas, and other amenities too numerous to list.

Julianna Lu, the company’s founder and chairperson, won’t disclose the city’s exact location, but she tells us that the master plan calls for three 18-hole golf courses, at least one of which will be capable of hosting a professional tournament.

China Holdings controls nearly 198,000 acres in Inner Mongolia, which encompasses eight provinces from Gansu on the west to Heilongjiang on the east. The company says it has a subsidiary, China Power, Inc., that develops wind farms, biomass plants, and other sources of energy.

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

ABU DHABI Saadiyat Beach Golf Club is "very different"

Gary Player spent some time in Abu Dhabi this week, talking up his new golf course on Saadiyat Island.

The extra-long (7,800-yard) track, called Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, is the centerpiece of a huge master-planned community that's being developed by Abu Dhabi’s Tourism Development & Investment Company, a government-run entity.

Player told the National that the course is "something special" and "undoubtedly one of my best," comments that were sure to please TDIC, which aims to sell enough houses to accommodate 160,000 people.

The track, which spreads over nearly 400 acres, was designed to conserve water and minimize maintenance costs. It's got lots of sand and plenty of easily quenched native vegetation, and it's been outfitted with four desalination plants to keep its grass green.

"I’ve never designed anything like this and I’ve never seen anything like it," Player said. "It’s very different."

Also very different will be the course's 194,000-square-foot, Frank Gehry-designed clubhouse, a futuristic-looking structure that's already generating a lot of media attention. The building, which is scheduled to open in 2013, will include a26-room hotel and a spa.

Saadiyat Island occupies more than 10 square miles. At build-out, it'll be filled with thousands of houses, a village center, 29 hotels (the first three, including a Park Hyatt and a St. Regis, are scheduled to open next year), Guggenheim and Louvre museums, three marinas, and many other attractions, including a second golf course.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Symposium will offer a "Roadmap to Asia"

Interested in doing a little business in China or Japan? What about South Korea? Or Mongolia?

If the answer is yes, you might want to cough up some cash for "Roadmap to Asia: The New Golf Frontier," a symposium that will be held in San Diego, California on Friday, February 12, 2010 -- the day after the Golf Industry Show ends.

The symposium is being sponsored by Golfweek, Asian Golf Monthly, and the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America.

The partners say their program is "revolutionary" -- a word not often heard on the trade show circuit. (Curiously, it's the same word Steve Jobs used to describe the new iPad. You compare.) They also promise to provide "valuable insider information" so you can "capitalize on the Asian boom," but we all know that such phrases are just a bunch of marketing baloney.

The list of speakers that appeared on a press release we recently received doesn't include any Asian golf developers, course designers, or builders. The headliner appears to be Wong Khen Lee, the president of the Asian Golf Industry Federation, whose board of directors includes representatives from such companies as IMG Golf, Nicklaus Design, Toro, and Callaway Golf.

Also on the bill are Mike Sebastian, the publisher of Asian Golf Monthly, who's also a member of the federation's board, and Bruce Charlton, the president of Robert Trent Jones, Jr.'s architectural company, which has been designing courses all over the planet for decades.

The event will be held at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront hotel in San Diego.

The cost: $395 if you register before February 5, $495 afterwards. The press release says that the price includes a lunch and -- hold on to your seat cushions -- "two coffee breaks."

For more information, visit

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AUSTRIA Golfplatz Anif, Anif

A billionaire, a soccer legend, and a retired auto racer have set out to build “the leading private club in the Salzburg region” of Austria.

The partners are Dietrich Mateschitz, Franz Beckenbauer, and Ralf Schumacher, who were described -– comically, almost ludicrously -– in a press release as merely “a group of local investors.”

Forbes says that Mateschitz, who helped to create the Red Bull energy drink franchise, is worth $3.7 billion. He’s built a David McLay Kidd-designed golf course on Laucala Island in Fiji, and he owns a Formula One race team. He bought an Austrian soccer team on the advice of a close friend, Beckenbauer, one of the greatest soccer players of all time. The third member of the group, Schumacher, is a former Formula One driver and the younger brother of Michael Schumacher, the famous auto racer.

These “local investors” plan to build Golfplatz Anif in the village of Anif, a close-in southern suburb of Salzburg. The 18-hole, 6,500-yard course has been designed by Robin Hiseman of European Golf Design.

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BRAZIL Garapua Beach Resort, Ilha de Tinhare

While the experts boldly calculate the golf construction that will inevitably occur in and around Rio de Janiero, the real development action today is taking place in Bahia, a state in northeastern Brazil that has just four existing golf courses.

With its sunny beaches and sprawling rain forests, Bahia is already a popular vacation destination for many Brazilians. What Bahia doesn’t yet have, and what it needs to attract international travelers, are more golf courses. The need is being addressed, however, as the state’s tourist office reports that eight new courses are either in planning or under construction.

One of those courses is expected to take shape on Ilha de Tinhare, a small island that’s 40 miles south of Salvador, in the Bay of All Saints (Baia de Todos os Santos). The tourism office says that Ilha de Tinhare is the 10th most-visited place in Brazil.

The course will be part of the Garapua Beach resort community, which is being developed by Harlequin Hotels & Resorts. Last year, Dave Ames, the company’s chairman, visited Brazil to talk up the project, which is to include villas and apartments and some “branded” amenities, notably a Gary Player “signature” golf course, a Pat Cash tennis academy, and a Trader Vic’s restaurant.

As of late 2009, Harlequin hadn’t officially signed any of those brands, nor had it closed on the purchase of the 1,700-acre tract where Garapua Beach will be built. But negotiations are said to be underway.

The negotiations with Player will probably go smoothly. As the World Edition reported in November 2008, Harlequin has hired Player to design a golf course for the 500-acre Marquis Estate on the northeastern coast of St. Lucia.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SLOVAKIA / Metropolis may break ground in 2011

In a story published on January 15, 2010, Trend reports that TriGranit has provided more details about its casino, hotel, and golf project in suburban Bratislava.

TriGranit, a Hungarian developer, will build the project, called Metropolis, in three phases. The first phase, which is to start in 2011, will include a casino, hotels, a shopping mall, and a water park. In the second phase, the casino and the water park will be enlarged. And in the third phase, more hotels, a conference center, and "golf courses" will be built.

TriGranit will submit its development proposal to state and local authorities sometime soon.

A story about TriGranit's project appeared in the November 2009 issue of the World Edition.

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