Thursday, August 12, 2010

Your golf swing is too long?

Is your backswing along? Most inexperienced players I saw too long of a backswing. So why would so many people have swing so long? All bubbles out of human nature. Human nature says you swing longer next you will hit the ball. If this were true, why is it that I can hit a ball around 300 meters within a range of 3/4, but I can not 400 metres with a long seesaw hit?

If you see the pros on TV, you see different Back lengths spiral. On the one hand you have a player like Jeff Sluman, swing shorter and then have a player like John Daly has a swing longer. Although they look different, there are similarities between their back to spiral.

1. professionals hinges wrists at most. This means that the angle between the left arm and the Golf Club at the top of the swing 90 degrees or less.

The average player tends to be locked up in the wrists, because you try to hit the ball too hard. If you try the ball hit too hard your wrists locked up and your holiday of elbow left the Association caused too much back. You have your wrists, to stay loose in swing. Wrists more flexible will give you more power without taking the Club too far.

2. rotation of the shoulder in a pro determines that the amount of left arm goes back.

The spiral rear shorter and longer are compared to the amount of shoulder rotation in every created. John Daly can rotate shoulders back more than 90 degrees. Because of this shoulder superhuman rotation fantomius swing more than others. You should have a shoulder rotation of 90 degrees. Some people feel tight and you are not able to turn the shoulders back, so far. If you're feeling close, when you wake it's not a bad thing. This estate is a good thing, why is said to have created in your pair of swing. Think your body like a spring huge. If at the end of a spring giant closes. If you let go, would again different orientation. Most people avoid that feeling with narrow angles on the way back in rotation. What is it not realize that the hips rotate 45 degrees from losing this pair is required to create consistency in motion. To avoid this feeling close. Bring back as it will allow your body.

The next time you go to the area of your lower body stable to hold and turn back shoulders, as you can so much close to you. This seal tells you that you have created the couple needed in your backswing. Also verify that the wrists are fairly easy for the Club to atleast in your wrist hinge to allow 90 degrees. This will give you maximum performance without swing too far.

Until next time, Paul Wilson