Wednesday, February 3, 2010

With fans like this, who needs enemies?

Man, it's tough being a high-profile golf architect these days. The recession has forced the "signature" designers to cut their fees, lay off staffers, and now, worst of all, take abuse from their former clients.

One of those clients is Bobby Ginn, a master of the marketing "pre-sell," a technique he used exquisitely to develop about a dozen uber-luxurious golf communities in Florida and elsewhere. Last fall, in a story about his rise and fall, Ginn told Links magazine he doesn't believe he'll be shelling out any seven-figure design contracts anytime soon.

"Some of these design fees have gotten out of hand," Ginn said, conveniently forgetting that he helped to create them. "I'm a big fan of Nicklaus and Palmer, but their courses aren't that unique anymore. They're like Walmart -- there's one on almost every corner."