Friday, June 29, 2012

The rumor mill starts with the return of Tiger Woods

Speculation has been rampant about only if Tiger Woods will return - the resurfacing of the prodigal son golf.  He is the subject of a lot of talk, rumor, speculation and tabloid fodder due to his shenanigans have wondered off the golf course and a lot of people is that he is going to be straight again to work.  It is not running the top earner in the Gulf for some time as if he actually payday need cash at this time, as he already, thanks to a tremendous number of tour victories and lucrative sponsorship.

Word camp fire is he for Bay Hill back would be

Both CBS News Baltimore Sun pretending that he who can join Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill, and the Bay Hill Club / lounge outside of Orlando.  Tiger need no quick cash for a hotel, he can just go home.  The bumps in the road are first Bay Hill still boo said not enough room for reporters who want to be a story, and also, and perhaps most important, Tiger Woods if he returns to golf.

Tiger Woods hires some help

Recently Tiger Woods Ari Fleischer was his PR guy.  Ari Fleischer has much experience with the press, Mark McGwire, MLB, NFL, BCS and the Green Bay Packers have worked. He used to be Press Secretary of the White House.  (He was involved in the Valerie Plame affair, but we only leaves the.)  Fleischer is a big deal.

What is Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods spent weeks in treatment and recovery, he has gone on the driving range in Isleworth, Florida near his home. Probably he has focused on his drives.  There is no, currently at all confirmation to action at the Arnold Palmer Invitational will return, but it also rumored he could play in the Tavistock Cup, a tournament in Isleworth.  Bay Hill of his return should be, he has to register as all participants must register a full week before every PGA Tour event until 5 pm March 19th.

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