Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Goody bags for your corporate golf day

It is usually a problem, the ideal gift for your golf day , to find your estimated golf consumers of your company golf day.

Goody are an important and cost-effective strategy to promote your corporate brand as you are often really confirmed bags or valuables pouch.

Below we summarize every goody bag to help you select your ideal company golf day gift.

Berwick goody bag

This is together standard golfer's bag a high quality, heavyweight, corporate golf event embroidered with your company logo on it. It makes the leading DrawString less complicated to wear the 220 x 220 mm pocket. This black goody bag was usually a very best seller and common alternative.

Stirling goody bag

This 220 mm x 195 mm low price goody bag include a large print area of 100 mm x mm 100, for organizations that use a much more elaborate logo. The golfer nylon goody bag comes in three colors: black, dark green and navy blue, all get a drawstring top and in addition with a clip to attach your golf bag comes in. Wonderful prize for Fund and very popular for businesses using a reduced price range to shell out to.

Hawick goody bag

This is simply because it is large enough to accommodate other give-aways and it transparent one, in particular in the most popular bags, and contemporary look is. This bag are not printed or embroidered however you your company logo by the transparent substance nevertheless see!. Fantastic bag for you personally to "pick and mix" the content in reliance on your expenditure budget.

Callaway valuables pouch

This is one of the their luxury valuables bags from one in the world top golf makes Corporate golf day . High quality and luxury brand make this a good choice for, in connection with dual brand name selection with Callaway Golf.

Titleist valuables pouch

The luxurious fleece lined pouch is completely can take many other golf giveaways with its 175 mm x 50 mm x 165 mm dimensions. The internal memory can zip, above has a drawstring closure to keep everything backed up. Link your company logo with a certain one of the biggest names in the Gulf.

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