Saturday, January 23, 2016

How to hit Fairway Woods and achieve more distance

Use your Fairway Woods, maximum distance fairway below. If you are new to the game, Fairway Woods can harder to control than irons, but you should learn how to use as soon as possible. The expertise to beat Fiarway Woods helps you lower your scores, as you are able to hit longer distances. One excellent fairway wood shot get to a good start for the remainder of the hole you out.

The most common Woods used are 1, 3 and 5. They are designed to your distance and power without increasing overhead.

Evan is the longer length of waves although the size and shape of the head different Club enormously from the irons, achieved by additional distance.

Due to the longer wave the club head has a broad bow and a greater distance to travel. If you a wood with swing same rhythm and tempo as an iron, the clubhead travels to the bow at the same time, but should cover much more distance, and this raises the speed. This increase is the club head speed, what gives you the extra power to hit the ball long distances. It is not necessary to speed up to reach your swing club head faster. Should in fact for every full shot from your drive to pitching speed to be identical.

What changes is your address, including attitude, posture and ball position due to the long wave of fairway wood.

First of all long way from the ball are you as you would for an iron because of the longer leg length. Keep your balance to a wider stance. Turn the ball with his back more upright and the position of the ball is opposite the inside your left heel. To take the slow Club Club head on the floor low to keep.

As your left arm swing should the Club back your upper body rotate freely. Their weight should have transfer the right foot by the time the central position to the address on the inside in your backswing to the point, two-thirds.

At the top of your backswing your shoulders 45 degrees should have turned 90 degrees and your hips. Make sure the backswing to complete before you the deflection. It will help if you hesitate a very light at the top of the backswing have before you the downswing.

When you start the downswing your left hip turn left. This is your arms and hands in a perfect striking position.

Your swing plane is flat, so the club head approaches the ball at a shallow angle. The ball is later in your swing and sweep through. This is the reason for the ball is placed in your left heel.

Let the impact to move your weight over on the outside of your left foot. Can your club drawn the momentum to meet the right shoulder and your head. The objective should be her whole body. Most of your weight should be on your left foot and you should be balanced when you are finished.

Spend Fairway Woods some time practicing at the driving range with your and in no time you will become much more hitting and begins to your handicap.