Friday, November 18, 2011

Shameless Self-Promotion, november 2011

What makes the world go round?

Mind you, I'm not wondering about gravitational forces in the cosmos. I'm focused on things that are happening right here on earth, particularly the many pursuits that motivate a man to get up every morning, pour himself a cup of strong coffee, and steel himself to challenge the world.

The November issue of the World Edition of the Golf Course Report is brimming with tales of such pursuits.

We've got developers desperately searching for property that may never be found: I'm looking for the Sand Hills of Nebraska in Ireland.

We've got project managers praying for the phone to ring: I wait every day for someone to call me and tell me to get down there.

We've got designers feeling energized and inspired: This site is a great canvas to create a course that has the potential to rival, if not better, the finest inland courses in Scotland.

We've got government officials seeking to energize and inspire: The Italian golf industry must move faster, build more courses.

And we've got, as we always do, landowners making promises: A two-decade investment could easily see a 559 percent return on the capital that is invested today.

What else? Well, November's World Edition also provides answers to the following questions:

What do Jack Nicklaus and Brad Pitt have in common?

What country has more golf courses, Lithuania or Kazakhstan?

What U.S. golf architect is lucky enough to be designing a course in China on “non-arable, water-scarce land with limited natural resources”?

Speaking of architects, we've also got one who believes that golf should “not be difficult for the sake of being difficult,” another who brags about his ability “to transform less-than-ideal sites into exceptional golf courses,” and a third whose ideal golf course is “created by God, polished by man.”

Still need more?

There's a report on Mike Keiser's recent whereabouts, a preview of the next remote island about to produce a world-class golf course, our speculation about the U.S. casino king who wants to build a “mini Las Vegas Strip” in Spain, and some notes on the national lottery that aims to build a golf course in “the Weeping Prairie.”

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